What’s The Advantage Of Solar Energy Lights?

June 09 18:57 2022

Solar energy lamps convert solar panels into electricity. During the day, even on cloudy days, solar energy panels can capture and store the sun’s energy. As a safe and environmentally friendly new electric lamp, solar energy lamp has been taken more and more seriously.

The solar lamp is composed of solar cell module, part of LED lamps, controller box (including charger, controller, battery) and lamp pole.

The operating principle of the solar energy lamps is simple, which uses solar cells with the application of the photovoltaic effect. During the day, solar energy panels receive solar radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy, then store the electrical energy in the battery through the charge and discharge controller. At the night, the battery discharge completes. The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery.

YOURLITE can provide solar lamps including solar floodlightssolar street lightssolar garden lightssolar wall lights and other lights, which can be used for lighting and decoration of urban roads, parks, tourist attractions, squares, and other areas, and can get better landscape lighting effect without destroying green land.

With increasingly poor earth resources, the investment cost of basic energy is rising day by day, and all kinds of safety and pollution hidden dangers are everywhere. Solar energy lighting products appear with the popularity of solar energy water heaters. Compared with ordinary lamps, solar energy lighting has inherent characteristics such as safety without hidden dangers, energy-saving without consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control, and maintenance-free, which will directly bring available advantages for sustainable development.

In terms of the number of resources, the universality of distribution, and the reliability of technology, photovoltaic power generation is more advantageous than other renewable energy sources. With the development of technology and large-scale production, the barrier of high cost is being reduced. It is no doubt that photovoltaic power generation will become an important part of future electricity.

The use of solar energy lamps is an irreversible trend of energy use. Due to the shortage of petroleum energy and coal resources, the existing power generation methods are far from meeting the demand for electricity consumption. The promotion of solar energy power generation is quite urgent and the market potential is huge. As to the market, with the acceleration of the development, the solar energy lamps industry is bound to be promising. YOURLITE solar energy lamps will also show more and more influence and market share in the industry, and contribute to the development of the solar energy industry.

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