Introducing 4T7’s smart cutting board, a multifunctional, all-in-one cutting board designed to make cooking easy and fun

June 08 23:57 2022
When you’re through preparation and prepared to begin cooking, the 4T7’s visual display can be set to function as a kitchen timer, counting down from a peak of 99 mins and 59 seconds.

The ideal cutting board material is simple to clean and will not harm or dull blades. Wood, acrylic, rubber, and bamboo are all common materials for cutting boards. Wood boards are ideal because of their durability, self-healing characteristics, and ability to keep a knife-edge.

When our cooking cavemen ancestors created the first cutting board or rather chopped it from a strong tree wood, they were merely utilizing what they were doing with hand. As it turns out, the material they have upon hand is still the finest for making cutting boards today. There are, obviously, other alternatives. Since then, new materials for kitchen usage have been created. Traditional boards are done with the invention of a smart cutting board. An intelligent cutting board contains one feature of your kitchen needs and essentials for prepping a healthy meal.

Preparing and cooking a meal has never been easier. 4T7’s cutting board lets you have multiple functionalities, thus making it the most ideal and perfect choice for those who need to cook healthy meals. 4t7 delivers you the smart cutting board with a built-in scale, so you can easily use it for measuring down the proportions of your meal to prepare perfect dishes for you and your family.

The defrosting board of 4T7’s eco smart cutting board guarantees that your refrigerated thaws fast, swiftly bringing it up to normal temperature so that you can deal with it. The tray, made of a special thermal material, has channels that increase ventilation and allow your food to chill up to 6 times quicker than it would simply be sitting outdoors at normal temperature. The tubes also catch water from melting ice, preventing a pool of water from forming on your kitchen counter while you’re making a meal. The defrosting tray also functions as a baking pan and may be placed straight in the oven. Given how effectively aluminium transmits heat energy, the pan does an excellent job of uniformly spreading heat. Cooking from home with smart Life, smart kitchenware, and smart cutting board: The cutting board of the 4T7 is ideal for cutting vegetables. Its silver-ion-plated surface is inherently pro, and the board even has a textured patch on the bottom-right corner that functions as an inbuilt spice grinder, allowing you to grate garlic or ginger and crush the coriander or grind parsley without having to dig out any other equipment.

The 4T7 Intelligent smart chef cutting board is innovative in that it considers the whole cooking process. Instead of just being a cutting board, 4T7 becomes the hub of your meal prep, allowing you to chop, measure, weigh, grind, and thaw while monitoring your cook and gripping your knife. Our smart oven air cutting board comes with a total 7-in-l contraption that spans 17.3 inches broad and 11.2 inches in length, and you can nest all three boards, one on top of the other to maintain everything compact.

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