DataMilk Unveils Smart AI UX Automation with Results in One Hour, Not Months

June 07 21:48 2022
DataMilk Unveils Smart AI UX Automation with Results in One Hour, Not Months
DataMilk Offers 10x Faster Approach to E-Commerce UX Optimization Than the Competition

DataMilk is pleased to announce its AI UX optimization and automation capabilities, setting a new standard for UX optimization by delivering results with just one hour of work required by customers.

The team at DataMilk is composed of experts in both data science and UX who previously worked at Google, Mozilla, and Facebook. The company has made it a mission to empower brands across the e-commerce space to rival Big Tech by delivering the same level of AI UX optimization seen on sites like Amazon or Netflix. A high-growth, VC-funded startup, DataMilk was founded by the same team that developed AI UX optimization for Google search ads. 

Providing the fastest possible way to improve the UX for enterprise and mid-market e-commerce companies, DataMilk has the advantage of a five-minute, no-code integration, which can increase profits for companies by 6–12% without requiring months of engineering and design work.

DataMilk is able to achieve this velocity for customers by providing innovative Smart Components like a predictive Smart Navigation carousel. These components can be simply plugged into any e-commerce site and will start working immediately, showing ROI in real-time via a client dashboard. Components are powered by DataMilk’s sophisticated ranking models and data engineering, capable of conducting thousands of simultaneous A/B tests to optimize the UX for CTR, AOV, and overall revenue.

“In this new age of AI, e-commerce brands shouldn’t need to employ Google-level expensive engineers and data scientists to build high-quality UX that maximizes profit,” said DataMilk CEO Peter Szalontay.

E-commerce stores with at least 500,000 visits/sessions each month are encouraged to contact DataMilk for a free UX assessment and integration demo of how DataMilk can start growing their revenue immediately and automatically. For more information, please visit 

About DataMilk

DataMilk is a team of data science and UX experts on a mission to empower e-commerce brands to build AI-powered UX on the level of Big Tech. Founded by Peter Szalontay, DataMilk’s smart UX suite enables fast, fluid, and predictive digital experiences that boost user engagement and gross profit. For more information on how to join and build the next generation of UX, please visit

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