The Lady Rebel Club® Movement is Empowering Marginalised Entrepreneurs

June 07 21:32 2022
Lady Rebel Club® aims to spark a wider inclusion of women and marginalised genders who are neurodivergent or have disabilities in the entrepreneurial space.

There is a new movement taking the entrepreneurial world by storm. Lady Rebel Club® is breaking down biases while paving a path for women and all marginalised gender entrepreneurs who are neurodivergent or have disabilities to ditch the shame, limitations, and barriers placed upon them.

The movement brings together its community – the rebel leaders – to drive awareness, evolve attitudes, shift paradigms, and improve things to create more equality and opportunities for their community.

People tend to have poor perceptions of neurodivergent and disabled people, often because they don’t understand that they may simply process information differently, have a few more hurdles to jump, or need to do things in a slightly different way. But the fact they’ve had to learn to cope in a world not designed for them often gives them unique perspectives, skills, thinking, ideas, and experiences invaluable in driving innovation, impact, empathy, and growth in the business landscape.

“We all have gold to share and value to give. Some might say my neurodivergence or disabilities lessen my value, whereas I’d say they help me rock,” says Jennifer Cairns, founder of Rebel World and the Lady Rebel Club® movement.

As a neurodivergent entrepreneur and hidden disability warrior, Cairns understands the struggle of being different, doubted, and misunderstood. With having blood cancer, chronic disorders, and other disabilities, she knows that nothing in life (or business) will ever be perfect.

Cairns goes on to say, “The day of the perfect plastic businessperson is over. Perfection doesn’t exist, and the sooner we stop comparing ourselves against these false measuring sticks, the better.”

Her mission at Rebel World and with the movement is to raise the profiles, voices, missions, and businesses of others in the community to level playing fields and give her community more opportunities to be seen, heard, and have an impact. She also wants her community to know there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Following the mantra, #NoMoreHiding, Lady Rebel Club® works to stir things up on social, business, and institutional levels while sparking the confidence in everyone so they can embrace their unique self and grow a business that suits them and their definition of success. Cairns doesn’t believe a cookie-cutter approach to business works. Only when people understand their strengths and weakness can they run a successful business and be happy with it.

Lady Rebel Club® is one of three parts of Rebel World LTD, including Rebel Leader Institute and Rebel World Media. The media side elevates the community via its Rebel Hour podcast, Unstoppable AF YouTube show, ROAR Magazine, and its much-anticipated Rebel With A Cause book that’ll be out in October 2022.

Jennifer welcomes anyone to join or support the Lady Rebel Club® movement

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