Through the characteristics of the game, ANTI has set a macro-oriented development policy

June 07 21:20 2022

Metaverse is the reason why blockchain games can quickly become popular all over the world. However, as some ideas of mining in metaverse are fully used for reference in his game, it prevents players from getting a deeper game experience in terms of game play, and the entry threshold is too high.ANTI game, an anti-hash quiz game, focuses on this aspect in its development. Aiming at this problem, it solves the pain points and difficulties in metaverse games, and diversified development is at focus now. The games such as roulette wheel and blind box are very easy to use, which are not essentially different from the mechanisms in traditional games, but they still inherit the underlying technology of blockchain fundamentally, and therefore, they are more outstanding in terms of security and reliability. The newly added ANTI DAO mechanism makes it easier for users to integrate.

It is worth mentioning that, in ANTI hash roulette game, after each session is opened, users start to grab the betting interval. When the number of orders is full, they automatically collect the height hash value of Tron block at that time to draw a lottery, and announce the winning donation interval based on the last two digits of hash value.

ANTI DAO uses the distribution advantage of intelligent contract double-pool mechanism to generate the bookkeeping right of withdrawal voucher and the distribution of related income, so as to achieve fair, just and open effect, and to ensure that every node user integrated into blockchain can get his own share of income.

The ANTI game developers did not only pay attention to the construction of the underlying technology at the present stage, but also to the rapid layout of the future, which is very important for the development of its industry. Through the strong consensus of ANTI DAO, the game ecology is created by double-chain application, and the double-pool mechanism forms a super cycle. This type of benign development trend will break through the multi-token barrier and perfectly solve various pain points and drawbacks in the field of metaverse games.

The reason why ANTI games can be perfected is because it uses reverse thinking logic, values about the application of the underlying technology of blockchain in the development process, and constantly brings forth new ideas. It does not rely on any intermediary endorsement in the development of the industry, but achieves high efficiency, transparency and fairness in functionality through intelligent contracts, and achieves low entry barriers in the integration process of end-user groups. Under this situation, it will not encounter the disadvantages of traditional blockchain games in its development process. Through the characteristics of the game, ANTI has set a macro-oriented development policy, which is quite different from the traditional game DappRadar in the blockchain field in terms of development direction. ANTI’s development model is more efficient, more scientific and closer to the people. For this reason, many people in the industry believe that ANTI will inevitably lead the industry to sweep the world.

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