DJ Skee Co-Authors The Metaverse Handbook: Innovating for the Internet’s Next Tectonic Shift with Quharrison Terry

June 07 11:17 2022
DJ Skee Co-Authors The Metaverse Handbook: Innovating for the Internet's Next Tectonic Shift with Quharrison Terry

DJ Skee, one of the world’s most successful DJs, has co-authored a book with Quharrison Terry titled The Metaverse Handbook: Innovating for the Internet’s Next Tectonic Shift, which is now available for pre-order. The co-authors are known for being experienced tech and culture experts who have a keen eye for distinct opportunities that have the potential to revolutionize the future. The two will highlight a guide that will allow readers to participate in the most promising new technology since the creation of the world wide web. 

The Metaverse Handbook, which will be released through Wiley, puts together dozens of metaverse creator case studies and actionable insights that will ultimately empower readers to have a better grasp and foresight for emerging tech and innovations from the blockchain, XR, and Web3. DJ See and Terry elaborate on the metaverse, why people should grab the opportunity to be mindful of it, and how to build an effective metaverse strategy. It also includes the history of the metaverse and primers of critical and relevant technologies that brought it to where it is today, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Most importantly, the two will reveal unique metaverse opportunities in digital communities, commerce, and immersive experiences. 

If anything, the book is considered a valuable and very helpful resource for business leaders, creators, and digital professionals. It is easily the latest go-to roadmap for anyone who wants to explore possibilities within the metaverse and beyond. It is widely known that a lot of people are still not sold out with the potential that NFTs can offer. Traditional investors tend to look the other way because it is something they do not fully understand. Those who have taken the time to really do their research, however, are now sold out that they can grow their wealth strategically by investing in NFTs. With the help of The Metaverse Handbook, DJ Skee and Terry look forward to seeing more people consider NFTs as a promising investment. 

Born Scott Keeney, DJ Skee built his empire by simply using his instincts for emerging trends in the area of music and culture. He is widely known as the personality who introduced the world to big names in the music industry, including Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Post Malone, and Travis Scott, among others, through his TV and radio programs. He has been a producer for world-famous artists like Snoop Dogg and Michael Jackson. Additionally, he composed music for top-selling video game series like HALO and Ghost Recon. 

Known for his versatility and dynamism, it comes as no surprise that DJ Skee eventually became a thought leader for the metaverse. As the founder of, he has powered several experiences across different platforms such as ROBLOX, Unreal Engine, and Discord, to mention a few. Interestingly, DJ Skee has never failed to innovate and reinvent his craft. He has performed virtual DJ sets for Discord’s branded festival. Moreover, he also performed at Snowsgiving and Beatport using only a VR headset under his unique series known as “Outside the Matrix.” If you’re wondering how massive his influence is, DJ Skee has a mayoral proclamation in his hometown of St. Paul Minnesota, declaring May 26th “DJ Skee Day.”

As someone who has always had the nose for brands and products that would generate the most returns, there is no doubt that DJ Skee sees the long-term value of the metaverse and wants more people to get on board so they can start building a solid and secure future.

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