Conveyor Belt Repair: Trust the Professionals at California Industrial Rubber

June 07 11:05 2022
Conveyor Belt Repair: Trust the Professionals at California Industrial Rubber

Conveyor belts are essential for transferring goods from point A to point B in any industrial production facility. Unfortunately, even the best-constructed equipment can break down from time to time. When a conveyor belt becomes unusable, a manufacturer cannot just shut down production until it is fixed. They need a repair solution that is quick and effective so their business is not sidelined for an extended period. 

Thankfully, the professionals at California Industrial Rubber Co. understand the value of an efficient and reliable conveyor belt repair service. The company recognizes the nuances of this equipment and has the tools and experience necessary to address a variety of issues with the existing system or install new components as needed. Contact the team today to learn more and get started on a project at

What Happens When the Conveyor Belt Breaks?

Conveyor belts can handle all kinds of materials, ranging from food products to materials used in manufacturing. When conveyors are working properly, they are a real asset to any business. However, they are also made of delicate materials that can break when not handled with care. 

From heavy-handed workers to improper maintenance or simple wear and tear, there are many ways that a conveyor belt can become unusable. If the conveyor belt breaks, it is important to shut down the line and get the equipment repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Why Should a Manufacturer Hire a Professional for Conveyor Belt Repair?

Conveyor belt systems are complex pieces of equipment that require specialized tools and skills to be repaired properly. If the manufacturer attempts to repair the conveyor belt themselves, they risk making things worse and causing even more damage to the system.

Hiring a professional conveyor belt repair expert is the best option for getting the production line back up and running as quickly as possible and avoid future issues. A professional is trained in the repair of this equipment and has access to the tools and experience needed to solve even the trickiest of issues.

Things That Cause Conveyor Belts to Break

Here are some of the most common reasons that cause conveyor belts to break. Unbalanced belts happen when the angle of the belt is not properly adjusted or tensioned correctly. Excessive load occurs when the belt is used to move material is heavier or bulkier than what it was designed to handle. Incorrect spacing can also lead to damage, especially if the distance between the conveyor belt and the pieces of equipment it moves with is too close or too far away.

Keeping Your Business Moving

A conveyor belt is an important piece of equipment that moves goods from one part of the facility to another. When it breaks, it can cause big disruptions and production standstills if it is not fixed quickly. Luckily, these issues are preventable with proper maintenance and timely repairs. Technology also has played a vital role in the modern modifications of conveyor belts to reduce cost and improve on safety.

If a belt breaks, trust the professionals at California Industrial Rubber to provide quick repairs and get the business back up and running! Do not hesitate to reach out to The company manufactures and supplies California, Nevada, and beyond with industrial rubber and plastic products for use in the commercial, industrial, agricultural, and mining industries.

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