Kickstarter campaign launches innovative water management and conservation system

June 07 10:44 2022
Aqva More has developed a unique water management system that is specifically designed to prevent unnecessary water consumption, eliminate unwanted water waste, slash water bills, and conserve water for a greener planet.

A single person wastes (unknowingly) 30 liters of water every day, on average. With the water crisis rising at an alarming high with each passing year, the number is no doubt disturbing. However, a Lisbon-based visionary company, Aqva More, comes bearing good news. The company has recently launched a breakthrough 2-module water management device on Kickstarter that is uniquely designed to conserve water in large volumes and also slash down water bills for users.

The Aqva More 2-module water management system aims to help users conserve (in a 4-person household) around 20,000 liters of water annually. Aqva More has won an honorable mention for the Innovation Prize at TEKTÓNICA 2022 for its revolutionary endeavors.

“Around 6 billion people are predicted to suffer from severe water (clean water) scarcity by the year 2050. The water crisis is increasing with each passing year, and on top of that, we are wasting thousands and thousands of liters of water every year. The problem is, even when we do not want to waste water, we can’t help- until now. Our innovative 2-module water management device is intelligently designed to eliminate unnecessary water consumption and unwanted water waste”, stated João Guerreiro, the creator of Aqva More.

What makes Aqva More more effective in water management is the intelligent mechanism that allows it to “prevent” water flow when water is not needed. 

“We waste a lot of water while waiting for warm water to come out of the tub or sink. Aqva More is designed to ensure you get warm water directly and that too without wasting normal water while waiting for it.”

The 2-module system comes in a pair. Users have to install one part of the pair with their water heating equipment, like a water heater, heat pump, boiler, or solar panels. The remaining half will be attached to water sources, such as bathroom sinks, dishwashers, or kitchen faucets. Once installed, the digitally registered module will record water savings as well as manage peripheral modules to “only release needed water (say, warm water) when it’s ready to be used”. 

So, for example, if the water is warming up, the Aqva More system will not allow the release of water until it’s completely warm and ready for use. 

The Aqva More device comes with a convenient digital module that offers clear and accurate data on various metrics, like temperature, radio signal, as well as water count.

The system is also equipped with advanced Pressure-boost technology that assures a steady and strong stream of water whenever it is released.

Top features of Aqva More 2-module system-

  • Compatible with almost all boilers and household heaters
  • Easy installation in 30 minutes and super-fast set-up in 10 minutes
  • Damage-free installation
  • Simple controls
  • Stronghold and grip
  • Easily comprehensible metrics
  • Monthly and daily statistics
  • Improved flow of water
  • No maintenance
  • Sustainable packaging

“We are hopeful that our unique 2-module device will take us a step closer to conserving water and saving the planet. As of now, we are looking forward to starting mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring this much-awaited device to life, prevent the looming water crisis as much as possible, and make the planet a greener place.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on Aqva More units. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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