LIT LIDZ launches an objective GPS-ready helmet with undeniable safety on Kickstarter

June 07 10:29 2022
The LIT LIDZ Helmet is a breakthrough multi-purpose helmet that not only assures optimal safety for the skull but also for the user with its built-in GPS tracker, SOS button, and superior flashlights.

With child abduction rates at an alarming high of late, it’s self-explanatory why parents are becoming apprehensive of sending children outdoors. However, an LA-based company, LIT LIDZ, speaks of hope and relief amid the grim times. The company has recently launched a revolutionary multi-purpose helmet with a built-in GPS tracker on Kickstarter that will not only prevent head injury but also help parents to keep track of their child’s current location. The unique LIT LIDZ helmet is further equipped with superior LED flashing lights to keep little users safe.

LIT LIDZ Helmet is an endeavor by a dream squad of visionaries, engineers, and designers who are committed to transcend the traditional single-use helmet into a unique multi-use lifesaver.

“A child is abducted or goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States alone. Every doting parent is worried about sending their child outdoors. But, we can’t keep our kids confined to the walls of home- they need to go out and enjoy outdoor adventures just the way we did when we were youngsters. Smarter option would be to look for a solution that will enable parents to let their children enjoy the outdoors and also allow them to keep track of the kids. This is where our breakthrough LIT LIDZ with an integrated GPS tracker helmet comes to the rescue”, stated Timothy Wheat, the founder of Lit Lidz.

“Our LIT LIDZ helmet is designed to ensure optimal ‘overall’ safety for our users. While traditional single-use helmets only work to protect the skull, our innovative multi-purpose helmet not only keeps the skull safe but also the child (the user). Equipped with an in-built GPS tracker, our helmet allows global tracking in real-time. In an unfortunate situation, if a child wearing our helmet is lost or finds himself/herself in danger, you can always count on the GPS tracker to locate the kid. This way, parents will have the peace of mind knowing no matter wherever their child goes, they will have complete details of his/her whereabouts.”

The in-built SOS button is another major factor that keeps LIT LIDZ Helmets ahead of the curve. The button can be activated manually to send a distress signal. It will help to alert the emergency agencies immediately so that they can rush to rescue the user before it’s too late. The GPS tracker will help to track the exact location of an emergency so that no time is lost in searching for the child in wrong places. Additionally, the LIT LIDZ helmet features super bright lights that will keep the user easily visible along the roads or on sidewalks.

Unique features and benefits of LIT LIDZ Helmet

  • Sturdy multi-purpose helmet assures improved safety
  • Uniquely designed with in-built GPS tracker and SOS button
  • Comes with brighter LED flashlights compared to regular helmets for enhanced safety
  • Lightweight helmet for easy wear
  • User friendly helmet
  • Smart looks

“LIT LIDZ Helmet is ‘the’ helmet that every parent has been looking for. We have taken the traditional helmet and fine-tuned it with additional and improved features to ensure optimal safety and improved peace of mind. As of now, we are looking forward to starting mass production – hence, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring this breakthrough multi-purpose helmet to life and make things safer for our little ones.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on LIT LIDZ Helmet units and bundles.

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