The leader in the field of DEFI – TTC (Tao te ching) starts operation online

June 07 06:11 2022

As an incubation product of the Chinese community, TTC (Tao te Ching) is committed to building a fully intelligent DEFI3.0 project, helping digital currency participants to participate in the DEFI field more easily, and at the same time integrating many team resources to fully meet the needs of TTC (Tao te Ching) te Ching) online demand.

TTC (Tao te Ching) has been developing for more than half a year and has always adhered to the DEFI business philosophy of “making the blockchain within reach”. After continuous industrial layout and optimization, the overall industrial chain has become increasingly perfect. We will continue to focus on technology and online teams to improve and expand user experience. We also actively expand and extend industry resources with an open and win-win mentality.

At present, with the planning of the white paper, the fourth phase is about to start. It is reported that many industry organizations and media have joined TTC (Tao te Ching) one after another: 3ralliance, Whale Blue Block Ventures, Pegasus Block Lead Investment Team, Wolf Warrior Community, Bit Phil Team, Moon Community, BOSS Community, Ant Community, Jinniu Block Ventures, Babbitt Community, Dark Wolf Community, Dingdang Community, Number One Player, Golden Dog Research Institute, Xiaohonghua Community, Liangshan Community, Global Chinese Community, etc. Entry of numerous institutional and community teams.

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