RubyLaw Launches the 2022 Legal Marketing Technology Stack Blueprint, Giving Law Firms a Map of the Prevailing Tools in Legal Marketing

June 07 05:44 2022
RubyLaw Launches the 2022 Legal Marketing Technology Stack Blueprint, Giving Law Firms a Map of the Prevailing Tools in Legal Marketing

New York, New York – June 6, 2022 – RubyLaw, the company behind the eponymous leading Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, is poised to launch the newest version of the RubyLaw Legal Marketing Technology Stack Blueprint. 

Now in the 4th year conducting this pioneering research, the objective is to give legal marketers a representative, current, holistic, and objective viewpoint on the prevailing systems and tools used by law firms of all sizes. As law firms become increasingly reliant on technology, the time available to Marketing and Business Development teams to become educated, make strategic decisions about particular systems, successfully roll-out and adopt software, and leverage it to gain a competitive advantage decreases. 

Having recognized this challenge in late 2018, RubyLaw focused on creating a blueprint to help law firms of all sizes think strategically about how to organize and deploy marketing technology. In early 2019, RubyLaw released the first visualization of the legal marketing technology ecosystem. Adopting categories popularized by Scott Brinker, including Advertising & Promotion, Content & Experience, Social & Relationships, Sales, Data, and Management, RubyLaw then applied them to Legal. The company created the first legal blueprint with the idea that law firms could document the current state of their technology and then be aspirational about the future, adopting new systems to accomplish new objectives, meet certain needs, and fill gaping holes. 

In subsequent years, RubyLaw’s study led to important insights, including the point of view that firms must select systems of appropriate size and power while avoiding misfits. Just as no one wants to wear a pair of shoes two sizes too big, choosing powerful, “best-in-class” systems that firms can’t use optimally (or—the opposite—trying to squeeze into a too basic of a solution when  the firm is a global enterprise) is wasteful. Instead, RubyLaw’s position is that firms should make smart, efficient decisions that align with firm culture, team capabilities, budget, and relative complexity, while leaving room for evolution and the ever-changing nature of business and life itself. 

The 2022 initiative goes above and beyond past efforts, including an essential partnership with the Legal Marketing Association (LMA), the authority for legal marketing worldwide, which enabled RubyLaw to tap into the organization’s extensive membership consisting of more than 3,000 legal marketing professionals. 

RubyLaw will be hosting a series of insights webinars, as well as publishing a paper on the study’s findings, in the months to come. In the interim, interested parties can request a copy of the 2022 RubyLaw Legal Marketing Technology Stack Blueprint here. Law firms, and specifically legal marketers, interested in learning how to operationalize the blueprint and optimize their respective toolkits and stacks by leveraging the RubyLaw Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform—including to power web content, to automate proposal and pitch documents, and to manage matters and firm experience—can connect with a RubyLaw representative here

“I’m delighted to share the 2022 RubyLaw Legal Marketing Technology Stack Blueprint with the legal marketing community,” said Jaron Rubenstein, CEO of RubyLaw. “Not only has the importance of this study been validated by the support of the LMA and the participation of the legal marketing community, but law firms are making purchasing decisions based on the study’s findings. We believe that our research is helping to advance the sector, which is truly exciting.” 

About RubyLaw: 

RubyLaw is a Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform that powers websites, manages experience data, curates, and automates marketing documents in native formats, and ensures the integrity of digital content for law firms at all levels of technological maturity. 

The company is reinventing how law firms engage with clients and prospects by providing a more personalized, data-driven, relevant, and holistic content experience. This is why more NLJ 500-ranked firms are switching to RubyLaw than ever before, with smaller, growth-minded firms opting for RubyLaw’s leaner, cost-effective, all-inclusive marketing technology solution, RubyLaw Express. 

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