Myend Launches New Premium Inheritance & End-of-life Service

June 07 04:05 2022
Myend is announcing the launch of its premium inheritance and end-of-life service that is sure to help people create their own legacy and estate plans.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 6, 2022 – Dying without a will could soon become a thing of the past thanks to After the successful launch of its app, in 2021, that has now grossed over 100,000 downloads, Myend is now introducing a new premium version aptly named Myend Premium. The company is also launching a new plan dubbed the Myend Forever. The new Myend Premium and Myend Forever plans come with brand new features that make it easy for users to manage their personal inheritance and end-of-life service. Some of those features include:

–  Improved e-will
–  Document and file storage
–  Last will and testament (Legally binding for US citizens)
–  Funeral planner
–  Advanced healthcare plan
–  Donor registration/euthanasia declaration
–  Memory lane

Speaking on the new service, Douwe Cobelens, CEO of Myend, says, “Myend is revolutionizing the legacy landscape by enabling individuals to set up their own wills and directives online, in just a few minutes. At Myend, we’re changing the way you think about inheritance planning and end-of-life decisions. We help to save people and their families’ time, trouble and money by taking care of all the details for them.”

He further states that, “Myend offers comprehensive services for estate planning that include wills, asset management, digital legacy and storage of important documents. We are ready to guide you through whatever stage of life you’re in. Myend has helped hundreds of people create their own estate plans, and we’re proud to be a part of that. We believe that every person deserves peace of mind when it comes to their legacy, and through our easy-to-use platform, we can provide that for you.”

Myend Premium is available at an affordable price of $4.99/month while Myend Forever only requires a onetime payment of $199, active for a lifetime. Interested persons who want to take advantage of the features need to sign up on the platform. 

About the company

Myend is founded on the mission to redefine the concept of personal will, making it universally accessible and shareable, and always expressed in simple-to-understand words. The company further desires to solve future inheritance problems and create a new smart standard for making and sharing online wills.

Douwe Cobelens, a serial entrepreneur, got the idea to create Myend after having to endure the tragic loss of several people very close to him in a short period of time. “I found out that we don’t always get a chance to say goodbye twice. I have never thought about it before my experience, but it’s excruciating to deal with the digital heritage and limited access to devices when someone leaves without giving you instructions. It made me wonder how to solve this for myself and others, just in case.”

Myend is the latest startup that is poised to disrupt the end-of-life industry. The DeathTech app joins a long line of other innovative companies in the FinTech, InsurTech, and AgeTech niche, upgrading traditional services to the digital age.  

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