Unlax Music Store’s extraordinary musical instrument – the powerful 11-note original tongue drum

June 07 03:30 2022
Unlax Music Store creates musical instruments that drive inner peace. The best-selling original tongue drum features 11 notes of powerful sound. The tongue drum can be played by anyone, anywhere.

With the sound capability of the Tibetan bowl used by Buddhist monks in meditation, the Original 12” Tongue Drum is a modern-day marvel. The melodic percussion hand drum is highly appreciated for its powerful sound and ability to help people relax. It is no wonder that the original tongue drum is Unlax Music Store’s bestseller.

Since 2017, Unlax Music Store has been creating musical instruments. In creating Unlax drums, the team focuses on instruments that foster inner peace.

What is special about tongue drums?

Tongue drums combine rich sound, powerful effects, and portability.

Unlax drum designs are inspired by nature and play sounds that help people manage and reduce stress, relax and feel happier. Tongue drums are unique in that they can be used for sound therapy, yoga, hiking, musical composition, camping, meditation, and kids. It is more than a musical instrument.

Unlax tongue drums link the mind and the heart, helping people focus on their inner being and let go of their thoughts. They have proved beneficial for focus during breathwork.

How hard is it to play an original steel tongue drum?

It is incredibly easy to play the Unlax tongue drums. The portable drums can be played by anyone, anywhere. The Unlax team also explains that the tongue drum requires no prior musical skills. People can also quickly master useful techniques to play the tongue drums for relaxation.

“Simply place your hands above one of our instruments and intuitively start playing blissful melodies that will calm your mind.” It can be played with or without mallets.

How many notes does the Unlax tongue drum play?

The transformational effect of tongue drums has made the small instrument quite popular. The Unlax drum has eleven tones of a full octave, making it an ideal instrument for making music. When played, the original tongue drum has a calming effect that transfixes people, which is why it is often used as a healing tool for therapy and relaxation techniques.

The jade tongue drums

Unlax is also announcing the restock of the Jade tongue drum. The jade drum and bass is a simple to play instrument designed by the world’s smartest music experts. The Jade drum has the power to help people relax instantly through its powerful sound. 

“Jade’s sound leaves anyone speechless! People are already calling it the most relaxing instrument in the world.”

The Florida-based musical store explains that the tongue drums come in various designs, sizes, and colors. The drums also ship worldwide, giving more people access to tongue drums’ power and incredible sound.

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