Eprenz, the Entrepreneur’s Network, Celebrates 100,000 members on LinkedIn.

June 07 03:10 2022
Eprenz is celebrating a significant milestone of reaching 100,000 members on LinkedIn, and strives to make meaningful differences for more entrepreneurs across the globe.


Richmond, Virginia, USA and Salem, Tamil Nadu, India – Eprenz and the Entrepreneur’s Network, Celebrates a huge milestone of reaching 100,000 members on LinkedIn. The company is a professional association of aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs. They accelerate profitable business growth of members through featuring speakers at conferences, promotions, articles, coaching, business consulting and financial advisory services. 

“We strive to make a meaningful difference in the success of diverse entrepreneurs across the globe. Our short-term goal is to transform the journey of 100,000 members to profitable growth. While reaching 100k was important it’s more important that we help our members achieve their dreams,” – Sampathkumar Vijayaragavan, Cofounder, When commenting on the special occasion. Eprenz has proudly been a partner of success for many leading entrepreneurs and sponsors that provide services to entrepreneurs. Many of them are standing as role models for younger local and international youth. 

Record holder, TedX speaker, and Indian social impact entrepreneur, Ankita Shrivastava, who has become the 100,000th member of Eprenz. Also, Cecilia Jeje, a Canadian Business Process Entrepreneur, was the 99,999th member of the Eprenz community. 

David Wagstaff and Sampathkumar Vijayaragavan co-founded the company intending to balance purpose and profit while supporting entrepreneurs regardless of their gender, race, caste, skin color, or financial wealth. 

Eprenz.com is a Public Benefit Corporation that works with business owners frustrated with spending too much time selling and developing leads and too little time providing the services they love. Their slogan is: “Do what you love, and let us attract your ideal clients to you”. They also provide small business owners with financial business consulting and coaching services. They provide free mentorship each week to entrepreneurs all over the world. While they have now reached 100,000, Wagstaff says, “The bigger challenge is making a meaningful difference. We innovative new products and service and form new partnerships nearly every day to deliver profitable business growth for our entrepreneurs. It’s a challenge, it’s fun and it make life interesting, now with friends all over the world.” 

Eprenz also has a long-term mission: To help create a world community of peace and economic equality while treating everyone with respect and compassion. By balancing purpose and profit, they believe everyone benefits from generosity. Vijayaragavan, Co-Founder of Eprenz, says, “it’s been a great learning experience so far and exciting to meet so many aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs. Every day is a new challenge as we seek to fulfill our mission.”

The Eprenz community is unique in that its members love to support members along their journey to success.

About Eprenz  

Eprenz (the Entrepreneur’s Network) is a professional association of aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs. As Eprenz is a community with a social purpose to help entrepreneurs, they feature programs, articles, and webinars for learning to fit every entrepreneurial need. The company has recently celebrated the significant milestone of reaching 100,000 members on LinkedIn on their journey of more achievements to follow. With their Power of Passion, Eprenz’s team strives to make a meaningful difference for entrepreneurs across the globe.

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