Serenity Capital – New Tomb Fork Built with Sustainability and Community in Mind

June 06 18:33 2022

Welcome to Serenity Capital, where our mission is to provide people access to a decentralized, sustainable investment protocol that enables them to grow their crypto holdings through staking, farming and the miracle that is compound interest.

With DeFi so many of the traditional banking obstacles have been address through better technology, specifically super fast blockchains and now the access to amazing, decentralized exchanges like Spooky Swap or Redemption DEX (just one of our many partners). Users are now able to function as their own bank, keep control over their tokens and best of all, earn much greater rewards on their investment. Crypto is not without risks like any investment, but for the savvy investor there is an opportunity to make huge gains if they invest in the right token or protocol. We believe Serenity Capital to be one of these opportunities.

The Serenity Ecosystem

The Serenity Capital ecosystem consists of two tokens:

  • Serene, the Peg token which follows to the value of ETH via seigniorage and economic incentives
  • Pebble, the share token which users can hold to earn a part of Serene expansion

How to Earn In order to earn yields on Serenity Capital investors must provide liquidity.

  1. Safest option: Buy Serene with wETH (equal to 50% of your desired investment) and pair it with wETH to earn pebble. Link to Buy and Liquidity links from redemption.
  2. Some risk: Buy Pebble with wETH (equal to 50% of your desired investment) and pair it with wETH to earn pebble. Link to Buy and Liquidity links from redemption.
  3. High risk high reward: Buy Pebble with wETH and deposit in the Jar to earn Serene rewards

How are Gains Made?

As the tides come and go, they wash precious Pebbles ($PBL) upon the shore. A maximum of 7500 $PBL will become available to claim by those who provide liquidity and stake at the beaches over the next 12 months. By constantly compounding rewards investors can earn interest on their interest and grow their initial investment.

Serenity Capital has developed a unique inverse emissions curve that will counteract the traditional inflationary behavior while giving additional value to long-term holders. In this way, Serenity can create a ramp-up in emissions from launch as opposed to the classic decreasing emissions over time. Serene emissions will increase over time together with the strength of our deflationary mechanisms.

About Serenity Capital

The Serenity team is comprised of eight members each bringing with them a special skill that has helped create one of the strongest, well-known teams in the DeFi space. This team is community focused and are united in the vision of long-term protocol sustainability and growth for the Serenity ecosystem.

How to Join Our Community

We encourage everyone that may have additional questions about the Serenity Capital protocol to join our Discord server, reach out to us on Twitter or visit the Serenity Capital website.

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