Michel Litvak Hollywood Producer Aiming at Streaming Services

June 06 18:06 2022

Streaming services that wield large audiences have been known to selectively reveal information regarding films to attract higher viewership. Such is the case with a leading global streaming platform, which has been showcasing results of movie performance to highlight favorable results achieved by independent filmmakers and studios.

One such statistical case can be found with regards to the movie “The Guilty”, made by Jake Gyllenhaal under lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Shot over just 11 days, the film stretches a span of a few hours during which a 911 dispatcher with a shady past of his own tries to assist a kidnapped woman in need. The hosting streaming platform states that “The Guilty” was watched by over 69 million individual viewers, setting a new record for the genre on the service. The movie became number 1 in 91 countries by streaming statistics after having attracted positive reviews from viewers and critics alike, who highlighted the movie’s appeal by plotline and cast. The performance of the actors was praised as stellar, underscoring the short timeframe of production and the lockdown circumstances under which it was filmed.

Michel Litvak, the founder of BoldFilms, a Hollywood studio, is confident that the cast plays a major role in the future success of a movie. The prominence of actors and their talent are major factors the independent filmmaker intends to leverage when releasing his films on streaming platforms. Michel Litvak Forbes list billionaire is the producer of a row of star cast films, which include such outstanding pictures as “Bobby” and “Legion”.

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