Fantasy About Prince Turns into a Perfect Memoir: A New Book Set To Be Released on 21st of April, 2023

June 06 15:49 2022

USA – March 6, 2022 – Sarah Heidelberg’s new book – Prayers of Prince’s Princess, tells the story how an anointed Prince develops a unique bond with his wife after he finds himself in suspended animation. It’s a systematic framework and the book handles ideas of time travel, sci-fi elements and fictional memoir format. The book is set to be released on the 21st of April, 2023. You can’t afford to miss the intriguing story line, anticipate!



What is your story’s log line?

An anointed Prince develops a unique bond with his wife after he finds himself in suspended animation.

What is your protagonist’s problem or crisis?

The problem or crisis is that he looks in the mirror and does not see himself, but a woman whose memories he can read and whose thoughts only he controls. But he cannot see himself.

Why is your setting important to the development of your story?

The setting of the story is in an empty room of a suspended animation station where he mentally is there, but physically not really in contact with the tangible world. Everything he has done has been in his mind, until…


What is the tone of your story? How do you intend to accomplish this through your word usage?

The tone of my story is solemn but loving. Expressed by word usage which is poetic and ornamental. Which is based loosely on scripture. And grounded in the metaphysical, shown through flashbacks.

What is the theme of your story? What is the point of this piece of fiction that you want your readers to take or learn from it?

The point of the story is not to write people off because of their pasts but see the beauty of the person they can become with the Almighty and his Christ.

About the Author and Publisher

An indie publisher, Sarah Heidelberg runs Ophelia Brown Publishing Imprint as a sole proprietary. She is passionate about life and self-expression. She writes for gratification and to weave a good storyline that whets readers’ appetite for more. Sarah Heidelberg’s new book “Prayers of Prince’s Princess” will be published on the 21st of April, 2023.

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