Ankur Agarwal, one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs

June 06 15:02 2022
Ankur Agarwal, one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs
Ankur Agarwal, one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs
Launching a startup and expanding your business may be a dream shared by many, but other aspiring entrepreneurs are much more interested in sparking new ideas that launch businesses over and over again. And while Entrepreneurship is on the rise, and millions of entrepreneurs launched over 100 million startups across the world, Ankur Agarwal’s name shine bright in such a domain.

Wanting to launch a new product or form a disruptive business that can change the way we live, but aren’t tied to managing that company for the next decade? Don’t know where to look for? Then you might be interested in exploring serial entrepreneurship!

“A serial entrepreneur is one who focuses on growing an idea from conception to fruition, then moves on to the next big business idea. Essentially, a serial entrepreneur will take their business idea, launch a business, get it running, and move on once the business reaches a certain level of maturity and success.” Ankur Agarwal.

Ankur Agarwal is one of the best and well-known serial entrepreneurs and legendary investors who are driving the market forward.

Ankur Agarwal defines serial entrepreneurs, “Serial entrepreneurs are people who can repeatedly turn creative ideas into successful business strategies. But starting and selling companies is not for everyone. Being a serial entrepreneur is not an easy task at all, it takes hardworking, thoughtful mind and skillful strategies.”

From his saying, not everyone is cut out to be a serial entrepreneur. It requires a certain skill set and willingness to move on once a company becomes sustainable. An entrepreneur must have:

1. Goal-setting skills: Ankur says that when you’re a serial entrepreneur, setting specific and measurable goals is essential to your success. Since you’ll move on to the next venture once your current company is up and running, you’ll need to set a concrete goal to help meet your timeline.

2. Excellent time management: “Time management might be one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. Serial entrepreneurs are responsible for multiple companies. In order to keep abreast of any new changes, business ideas, and challenges, you’ll need to develop excellent time management skills, so you can work smarter and not harder.” Ankur Agarwal.

3. Flexible thinking: Ankur insists that change is constant, and the ability to change direction on a dime in order to profit and uncover better solutions is a quality all serial entrepreneurs share. It’s easy to become rigid in the way you think.

4. Optimism: Being an entrepreneur can be difficult. You must handle rejection, setbacks, and on occasion, even business failures. A serial entrepreneur knows not every plan will lead to success. Rather than getting hung up on what went wrong, a true entrepreneur looks at why a particular plan failed and learns from these mistakes.

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