Global Electric Power Industry Ushered In Great Changes, Chinese Electric Power Expert DONG Jing Proposed Coping Strategies

May 28 00:11 2022
(reporter: Peter ZHOU)

From the beginning of 2020 to the present, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought continuous pressure to the world. Political, economic and other aspects are facing various uncertainties, which also presents a severe test for the global electric power industry. So how should the electric power industry deal with this severe test and achieve sustainable development? In the whole electric power market with huge potential, how should the relevant industrial sectors of the electric power industry supply energy more efficiently and rationally to achieve reliable, economical, efficient and green operation of the power grid?

In this regard, DONG Jing, a well-known electric power expert from China, brought forward her opinion: “For those who are committed to change, no matter how severe the test is, there will be opportunities. Through the application of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, Internet of things, especially artificial intelligence, the electric power industry can fully cope with challenges and seize future opportunities.”

DONG Jing, who was born in 1976, is now in her golden age of scientific research. Her scientific research road started as early as 2003, but she really started to study the intelligent technology of electric power in 2010. Up to now, she has developed an intelligent business plan that deeply integrates the electric power system with the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and AI technologies, covering all aspects of the generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and utilization of electric power. In her view, artificial intelligence has become the core driving force of the fourth industrial revolution, and will play an important role in promoting the development of the digital economy and helping the country’s energy transformation. In particular, through the integration of big data, cloud computing, neural network and other technologies, artificial intelligence has achieved great success in computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent control and other fields, which also brought new ideas for the digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the electric power industry. The electric power intelligent business solution provided by DONG Jing includes business applications in power grid design, operation and maintenance, dispatch control, safety management, customer service and other aspects.

As an expert in electric power intelligent technology, DONG Jing has conducted in-depth research on the core technologies of electric power artificial intelligence, such as intelligent sensing, artificial intelligence platform, big data, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and other key technologies. She also envisions their use in the electric power industry: Intelligent sensing technology can build the electric power Internet of things to achieve advanced sensing, edge intelligence, sensory transmission and other functions; The artificial intelligence platform technology can provide a wealth of algorithms and model libraries to form a one-stop service for the whole process of artificial intelligence application research and development; Big data technology can focus on big data unified platform, data analysis and mining, unified data model and other application requirements and business model research; Machine learning technology develops machine learning application models for specific electric power business scenarios on the basis of tracking research on deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc., so as to achieve intelligent management of electric power system; Computer vision technology is used to develop electric power image intelligent auxiliary labeling technology, electric power equipment detection and defect identification algorithms, and realize real-time equipment identification and defect detection; Natural language processing technology constructs electric power thesaurus, constructs control, inspection and marketing knowledge map, and finally forms a new generation of intelligent electric power search and question and answer solution.

At present, DONG Jing has made great breakthroughs in the above-mentioned technical research and development work. According to the actual needs of the industry, she developed many technologies by applying cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, including “Electric Power Engineering Development Decision System Based on Data Mining V1.0”, “Intelligent Control System for Generator Sets Based on Internet of Things V1.0”, “Intelligent Fault Analysis Platform for Electric Power Systems V1.0” and “R&D and Testing System for Electric Power Equipment V1.0”. Due to the extremely advanced technical level and functional architecture, these technological achievements have helped many electric power companies to achieve leapfrog development in the process of practical application.

Taking Chengde Hengxin Electronic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. as an example, the company is committed to the manufacture, installation and processing of electric power equipment. The company signed a Technology Promotion and Use Agreement with Ms. DONG Jing. Due to Ms. DONG Jing’s advanced technology, the promotion work was carried out extremely fast. Today, Ms. DONG’s technological achievements are often seen in the field of electric power dispatching in China. In particular, her “R&D and Testing System for Electric Power Equipment V1.0” has pointed out the direction for the future research and development of electric power equipment. Intelligent and data-oriented research and development ideas are rife in the current innovation of electric power equipment. Through the cooperation with Ms. DONG Jing, Chengde Hengxin Electronic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has become famous in the field of electric power equipment technology development and electric power technology development. Countless enterprises have come to cooperate with her, and the company’s technology revenue has increased by 40% compared with the past.

Perhaps, this is the “confidence” of DONG Jing to put forward her own vision and suggestions to the world electric power industry. As for how much the cutting-edge technology represented by artificial intelligence can boost the development of the electric power industry, DONG Jing believes:”With the advent of the Internet of everything era, the electric power industry is also increasingly concerned about artificial intelligence. AI is not only the focus of discussion in all walks of life, but also a new engine for economic development.”

She believes that, as an important basic industry of the national economy with capital, technology, equipment and data intensive property of public service, electric power data can reflect the actual operation of all walks of life and is an important basis for promoting the modernization of national governance capacity in the future. In the future, China has five major advantages in developing electric power intelligence. First, it has massive data resources, second, it has an open market environment, third, it has strong strategic guidance and policy support, fourth, it has rich application scenarios, fifth, it has a large number of experts with great potential and talents. By integrating these five advantages, China will surely make greater achievements in the field of electric power intelligence, which will be the only way for the development of the global electric power industry.

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