The Importance of Having a Professional Realtor

May 26 22:13 2022

Purchasing a property without a realtor is certainly doable, and in certain cases may even be preferred. However, these are unique circumstances that don’t apply to the majority of buyers.

For the vast majority of people, buying a property is the single most significant financial purchase they will ever make. Many buyers want to save money and are unsure whether hiring an agent is a wise option. Most people who are considering making what could be their most expensive purchase should probably seek advice from a professional.

There are some pros and cons to consider if when thinking about hiring a realtor.

One of the best things is that a realtor can save the client from many hassles. Their purpose is to ensure that deals are in their clients’ best interests so they handle the paperwork and negotiate purchase agreements, including the price and other stipulations and contingencies. They can also assist the client in finding the best location that fits the budget requirements and gather information on an area, including details that a seller may not want to share but that are relevant to the client. The realtor can also provide information that a layman might not have considered asking about and save the client from future troubles!

While yes, real estate search sites can give the individual an idea of what’s available, one will still have to do the homework to see if the asking prices are reasonable based on recent property sales in the region. The realtor can assist the client and save time in the process, and decipher documents that may contain jargon and phrases that a layman may be unfamiliar with.

Now let’s have a look at the cons. Many buyers or sellers decide to go solo and do it all alone because of the fees that a realtor requires which are mostly 2%-3% of the sale price. When one wants to work directly with the seller or the buyer, removing the real estate agent from the process is intriguing. There’s no more message relaying or waiting for callbacks. If one has purchased properties before and have a quite a bit of experience, there are chances that it can be done again. Otherwise, working with a professional is the best!

The bottom line is there are more pros to having a realtor by than cons. And Yaima Lamela is an expert that can be trusted without any doubts. Let’s take a look at who she is and how she can help just about ayone!

Yaima Lamela – A Broker Who To Look Up To

Yaima is a Commercial Real Estate Broker with a background in Business Administration. She is also the CEO of Prestige Empire Reality. Negotiation, luxury goods, sales, public speaking, and investment properties are some of the domains that she works in. Lamela, along with her team, is committed to serving clients in the best way possible. From shopping centers and apartments, to buildings and retail spaces, she’ll do everything to find the perfect fit for her clients!

Yaima has worked in a variety of market environments and thanks to her strong networking abilities, she can also advise on the appropriate listing price for existing markets. Working with a broker like her, who has excellent networks, offers the client access to good bargains that are occasionally off the market, so it’s a win-win situation. She can bargain rationally on behalf of the client and help them navigate a variety of logistical and legal issues. Her knowledge and experience only further help to make the transaction run more smoothly and profitably. So, if someone’s looking for a broker in Florida, Yaima Lamela is definitely the right choice!

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