Monopolon & Gotbit Joining Hands to Create Brilliance

May 26 15:33 2022

After working in partnership with many well-known influencers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), Monopolon has gained a considerable degree of brand-name recognition. Active promotion of Monopolon both online and offline has enabled it to gain a strong, diverse community of fans. 

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As such, many studios and companies have expressed their interest in working with Monopolon. These enterprises include several reputable full-service blockchain development companies amongst which includes Gotbit, a company that Monopolon have decided to collaborate with after careful evaluation.

Gotbit is a full-service blockchain company with extensive experience in many areas amongst which include the provision of Consulting Services for Blockchain Startups. Gotbit works with over 200 clients and is a partner of more than 40 venture capital funds, 20 IDO platforms, 73 KOLS. The company also has an excellent track record with over 100+ successful IDO launches. 

Gotbit had the foresight to recognize Monopolon’s potential long before official pronouncements from Market Observers were made with regards to the estimated potential appreciation of 16 times for the “Mystic NFT”. 

The potential for appreciation of the “Mystic NFT” is set to be even higher than what Market Observers should the collaboration between Gotbit and Monopolon be a success thereby making the collaboration a win-win situation for both parties.

Hence, Gotbit is very optimistic about the collaboration with Monopolon and will share resources to help Monopolon connect with other larger capital companies, thereby bringing this project to greater heights. 

With this new partnership, Monopolon is expected to gain access to more major players within the blockchain realm and will more than likely be able to work with reputable capital firms such as Maven Capital, ChainFir, Magnus, R8 Block Capital amongst others which could contribute significantly to Monopolon’s $4.8 million funding round!

The collaboration between Monopolon and Gotbit is already garnering much attention from the blockchain and GameFi community with Monopolon receiving much enquiries regarding collaboration from other organizations and companies. Influencers and KOLs who were onboarded onto Monopolon also attracted more searches and views on their posts.

This in turn can put Monopolon in a virtuous cycle and enable it to build a large and comprehensive community that would be highly conducive to the project’s growth and development. Of course, the biggest winner might well be fans of Monopolon, who can look forward to obtaining their own “Mystic NFT” as soon as possible.

Monopolon is pleased to have Gotbit onboard and plans to further reach out to a wider community in collaboration with Gotbit in the near future. 

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