More Sales, less effort: AddMedia NYC provides innovative marketing strategies to dental offices in the United States.

May 25 02:53 2022
Shanta Adhikari works specifically with dental practices to help generate leads and increase sales through AddMedia NYC’s Implant Cases FAST program.

AddMedia NYC is a marketing solutions provider that caters to dental offices in the United States. In a world where marketing trends change fast, dental practices need to streamline their marketing and advertising to ensure they generate and convert leads.

Shanta Adhikari created AddMedia NYC to help dentists generate high-ticket sales for their practices. Using profitable paid advertising strategies and remote sales teams, AddMedia NYC even guarantees 30 appointments in 90 days of patients looking for dental implants. Shanta explains that his six years of experience in marketing and advertising have taught him the importance of converting leads into sales. While most practices spend a lot of time cultivating leads, transforming them into paying patients is crucial for practice success.

At the age of 7, Shanta immigrated to the United States after growing up in a small village in Bangladesh. He would mention that he never had access to proper dental care and never understood the importance of it until later in his life. And he saw how it impacted not only his health, but also his family.

Before pivoting into marketing and advertising, Shanta graduated from The Bronx High School of Science, where he graduated in the top 10% of his class. After his graduation, he began building his experience by working at his dad’s grocery store. It wasn’t until he helped his local dentist bring in 100 new patients a month in three months that he transitioned into marketing and advertising for dental practices. AddMedia NYC now offers lead generation and appointment setting for dental offices. “We believe you need three steps to succeed in direct response advertising for dental implants. Step 1: Getting leads, step 2: getting appointments, and step 3: getting those appointments to show.”

Shanta Adhikari has worked with dental offices through the Implant Cases Fast program for the past two years. The program is designed to help dentists close up to thirty guaranteed appointments that actually show up. “Our dental marketing philosophy is when a patient physically shows up. That’s when you know when your marketing is working.”

AddMedia NYC is therefore built around creating online marketing systems for dentist practices. “In marketing, you need to deliver the right message, in the right place, to the right audience, at the right time.” Shanta explains that his goal is to ensure that dental practice owners spend less money and time on marketing and advertising and reap tremendous benefits from tested and proven strategies.

One of the things that Shanta Adhikari quickly realized was that most dental offices are missing the mark when it comes to their marketing and sales. To bridge this, AddMedia NYC is on a mission to impact the world through the lens of dentistry. “We have so much confidence in our lead generation system that we offer our service on a performance guarantee.” By working with AddMedia NYC, dentists can focus on what they do best with an ever-revolving door of new dental implant patients and a growing list of leads.

Besides providing working solutions for dental marketing and advertising, Shanta also tailors marketing efforts to various dental practices based on the business’s specific needs. “We send you financially qualified pre-booked appointments instead of leads. We only charge for patients that physically show up to their appointments.”

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