Physics Wallah acquires Entrancei to provide more quality services to its students

May 17 19:01 2022
Physics Wallah has quickly become India’s most loved educational platform, with over 6 million users. Offering resources and support to students of all ages. The platform has acquired Entrancei to provide more quality services to its students.


California – May 17th, 2022 – Learning is an important step toward achieving dreams in a student’s journey. Physics Wallah, India’s most loved educational platform, is a platform that was created in India to help students learn and understand subject concepts. In a recent blog, the platform has announced that it has acquired Entrancei to enhance its services.  

When asked about the announcement, said Prateek Maheshwari, Co-Founder of Physics Wallah “The deal enables us to expand our reach and ensures that we continue to provide our students with high-quality services.”

Since its first operation, Physics Wallah has amassed a large following among students and educators, and it encourages students to explore the concept in depth instead of memorizing. The platform provides live lectures to help in learning the needs of the students and motivates the students to be creative and passionate learners. 

Physics Wallah offers resources and support to students of all ages. The platform has been designed keeping in mind the needs of both teachers and students. Physics Wallah provides a one-stop solution for learning from experts, accessing the latest educational material like ncert solutions for class 10 maths, connecting with classmates, and asking questions.

“we established Physics Waallah with a mission to make education accessible, enjoyable, and affordable for everyone. On our platform, students can explore topics in physics, mathematics, and chemistry, or opt for the full course curriculum,” said Alakh Pandey, SEO at Physics Wallah, “our rich platform has a wealth of resources and interactive tests to help students improve their understanding of the material. Physics Wallah also organizes competitions and provides solutions like ncert solutions for class 10 and feedback to students on their progress.” 

The PW youtube channel and Physics Wallah website provide a variety of lecture materials, including video lectures, lab exercises, ncert solutions, and problem sets. It has been praised by many teachers and students as the best educational platform for learning about educational concepts.

Physics Wallah has quickly become India’s most loved educational platform, with over 6 million users and more than 280,000 monthly active users.

The team behind Physics Wallah is committed to making the learning experience engaging and fun for students. The platform features a wide range of animations and graphics that make learning physics, chemistry, engineering, etc easy and immersive for students. In addition to providing content, Physics Wallah also helps teachers create custom curriculums and assign modules to their students.

Physics Wallah uses modern learning methodologies and techniques such as their Pathshala, which is unique because it is a blend of traditional learning with online delivery. They apply this blend in engineering, business, culinary arts, and more.

About Physics Wallah 

Physics Wallah is India’s most popular Educational platform, which offers free online lectures from India’s top faculties. The Physics Wallah website offers live scheduled lectures from some of the best faculties in India. This website has been extremely popular with students and teachers alike, and it has even been featured on national television networks.

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