Guloor Applies Q6 Hairstyle Systems to Provide More Realistic Wigs

May 12 17:56 2022
Guloor Applies Q6 Hairstyle Systems to Provide More Realistic Wigs
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Guloor applies Q6 hairstyle systems to produce more realistic wigs. It gives a good alternative for those who need to wear wigs without anyone knowing it.

Guloor, a company that focuses on offering mens hair pieces for sale, applies Q6 style hair systems. The company applies this system in making wigs because the lace hairline looks natural and blends so well with the skins. The sales manager of this company explained, “Q6 hair systems are a classic style in making a wig. We decided to use this style because it has a good ventilation effect. As a result, the wigs are comfortable to use even in hot weather. We expect that users don’t have to deal with sweats, itchy, and other uncomfortable issues while using this coupe.”

Another reason why the company is using Q6-style hair systems is that they can produce lightweight and soft wigs for customers. The appearance of the wigs looks realistic, and people can’t even see the mesh on the skin. One of the wig users described, “As a wig user, I need a product that is easy to wear and remove, especially if I need to do it immediately. Sometimes, I also expect that my friends don’t know that I use a wig. After wearing wigs with a Q6 hair system for a few months, I feel glad. It solves my problems while wearing a wig.”

Wearing a wig is an alternative for men who don’t want to take a mens hair transplant procedure. This solution reduces the risk of a painful and costly process to get natural-looking hair. Users only have to choose the best wig and wear it using tape and glue. The Q6 hair system supports the process of getting a more natural texture and hue in only a few minutes. The sales manager added, “Nowadays, we can also customize the hue of the wig to ensure that it fits enough with the color of the hair of our customers. Customers can get 6-inch-long wigs with a medium density and freestyle hair direction. We design it for those who want to manage their hair after applying a wig.”

Q6 hair systems for men also use a bleached single knot front hairline. The goal is to provide a natural wig that looks like the original hair. At the same time, users can use the wigs comfortably all day long, just like when they have hair. The sales manager described, “We design this product for men who are suffering from hair loss problems or anyone who needs to wear a pleasant wig. Choose the wig and wear it.”

About Guloor:

Guloor has provided a variety of toupees and wigs for men and women for over 20 years. This company produces wigs using some systems, including Q6 hairstyle systems.

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