Guloor Announces Mono Top with Poly Coating Toupee as the Most Popular Product

May 12 17:26 2022
Guloor Announces Mono Top with Poly Coating Toupee as the Most Popular Product
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Guloor announces mono tops with poly coating toupees as their most popular men’s toupees. Most men feel comfortable with this product.

Guloor, a hair toupee product manufacturer in China, announces that mono top with poly coating toupee has become one of the most popular men’s toupees. This product became one of the best-selling products due to the model and its comfort. The manufacturer’s representative explained, “Our team produces this product with 100% virgin human hair pieces. We expect that it improves the realistic and natural texture and hue. As a result, users are more confident while wearing this product. At the same time, others may not realize that users are wearing a toupee.”

The manufacturer also accommodates people who want to wear this moto top with poly coating hair based on their original hair. Because of that, the team is also ready to customize the shades of colors to make them more natural and realistic. For a faster option, the manufacturer launches this product in various hues. The manufacturer’s representative added, “This product is available in a 6-inch length version, along with a straight, soft, and natural model. Users can treat this product as their real hair, including washing, spraying, and heating it. Indeed, they still have to follow the instructions before treating or maintaining the hair.”

The making process uses a sophisticated hair replacement system. It expects that this product is easy to clean and maintain. For example, when users want to wash it, they only have to do it with shampoo or any cleaning solution. Users can also spray this product, although they would better not do it too often. The manufacturer’s representative described, “Our hairpiece warehouse tries to produce mono tops with poly coating toupees that are easy to maintain. Users can treat and maintain these toupees just like when they clean and treat their hair. It includes using shampoo, conditioner, essential oil, and combing the hair. The treatments will make this wig shine, soft, and reduce the risk of tangles.”

The manufacturer seems to reach its goal by producing and releasing a mono top with poly coating toupees. More men finally find the solution they have been looking for so long. The manufacturer’s representative also expects that the company can be one of the leading hairpiece warehouses that can produce a variety of toupees for men and women to solve their hair problems. Then, they can be more confident and happier to go outside and meet other people after using the right hair toupee.

About Guloor:

Guloor is the biggest hair production in Qingdao, China. The company has worked for over 20 years to produce high-quality men’s toupees, ladies’ toupees, hair extensions, and Jewish wigs. Mono top with poly coating toupee for men is one of their most popular products.

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