AV8R Launches First A&P License 2-Week Course Speed Learning Platform

May 10 22:15 2022
AV8R School is a trusted Florida- based aviation mechanic training company that has developed the first Interactive Video Based Speed Learning Platform and offers aviation mechanics an opportunity to quickly pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and Powerplant certificate exam in as little as just 2 weeks using their learning platform.

AV8R School is thrilled to announce the successful launch of the first interactive video based A&P License 2-week course speed learning platform. 

Whoever works as an aviation mechanic in the military has all the training and hands-on experience they need to be a high paying jet mechanic. Still, they only make a few bucks in the military and around the same amount working as an aviation mechanic without an A&P certificate. On the contrary, if they pass that A and P license test, their pay can easily double or triple adding 10’s of thousand to their paycheck each year! The A&P License 2-week course online from AV8R school will massively speed up how fast each aviation mechanic in their program can get their hands on their FAA A&P Certificate to start earning more.. 

In an interview, Nestor Cadena, the founder of AV8R School, said, “Because I started where you are, it’s as though I already know you, my friend. I used to be an F15 Strike Eagle Crew Chief in the US Air Force. When I got out, I tried to find a means to expand my knowledge and advance  my career. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, whether to work in general, commercial, or corporate aviation. Still, I knew that having my certificate was essential if I wanted to be paid what I was worth. I know first hand the struggles that fall in line with obtaining this certificate, while working and maintaining a family.  After successfully assisting many people in obtaining their certification, I thought of establishing this school.”

To learn more, feel free to visit http://aandplicense2weekcourse.com

AV8R School’s mission was to create a new virtual learning platform for aviation mechanics to quickly pass their A&P Exam. The platform is designed to take aviation mechanics transitioning out of the military like the founder of AV8R School or mechanics at Aviation Mechanic School throughout the country and within 2 weeks they are able to pass the faa airframe and powerplant certification test in as little as 2 weeks. “So happy and excited that my vision of being able to help guys like myself that are coming out of our military that are not so book smart or maybe that are not good test takers and for them to be able to pass that A&P test after just 2 week of coming into our platform is a dream come true for me. I mean in just 2 week these guys are adding 10’s of thousands of dollars to their paychecks. The timing of this is a godsend with everything costing more right now this is huge for so many of our mechanics and their families! I’m so proud we got this done, all the months of hard work and hair pulling was 100% worth it to see how our new platform is changing these guys’ lives.” Said Nestor Cadena, the founder of AV8R School.

Furthermore, each mechanic that invests in AV8R School’s airframe and powerplant license 2 week course is not required to pay even a penny if they fail the course – this applies to all of their packages. The best part is that their prep course mechanics have the opportunity to win $1000 in cash if they get the highest grade in the class. The online learning platform of AV8R School is developed using the world’s most powerful learning and retention technology tools. Because of their technology and systems, the student’s results and success are guaranteed. AV8R School’s A&P license 2-week course cost and payment options are even better than all the other old dated dinosaur aviation mechanic test prep companies in the market.

About the School: 

AV8R School, with a headquarter in Boca Raton Florida, offers the rolls royce of A&P license test prep speed learning at a price all mechanics can afford.   Proud to help military aircraft mechanics and newcomers get their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and Powerplant technician Certificate in as little as just 2 weeks from the day they invest in our program.

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