Optimising IT has dedicated itself to climate conscious IT to offset carbon emissions and improve the environment

May 04 04:26 2022
Forward-thinking company can help clients offset their carbon emissions and help local community projects succeed

Optimising IT is actively working to reduce its ongoing environmental impact as an organisation. The company is dedicated to climate conscious IT to offset its carbon emissions and to improve the global environment. Optimising IT is currently offsetting as much of the carbon equivalent as its employees emit. Its ambition is to offset all of the carbon that the business operations emit as well.

IT companies, like many of other businesses around the globe, are dedicated to reducing the amount of carbon they emit each year. The tech industry is one in which carbon emissions reach high levels and Optimising IT wants to make a positive impact on the environment.

Optimising IT has embarked on an ambitious tree planting program to further reduce its carbon footprint. The program will have a large impact on the environment in the future by removing carbon from the air over time. The trees will also provide a much-needed habitat for wildlife.

The Optimising IT team is focused on improving its overall impact on the environment and the footprint of other companies. To further the team’s aim, Optimising IT is now offering existing and new customers Climate Conscious IT services. Climate Conscious IT is an enhancement of the Award-Winning IT support services Optimising IT already provides its customer base.

Climate Conscious IT enables clients to select a positive climate impact of their choice, which includes offsetting employee carbon, planting sustainable and managed trees in the right locations for future carbon capture, or completing both for maximum impact.

Optimising IT is also providing clients with the option of switching to a line of carbon neutral laptops. These laptops can be sustainably recycled at the end of their business life. Potential and existing customers can call the Optimising IT team at 01242 505470 to find out more or visit the company’s official website.

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