Vince Baker Reveals The Revelation Given To Him By The Holy Spirit On YouTube

May 03 14:31 2022
Revealing the mystery of finding the lost Ark of the Covenant

Founder of Vince Baker Ministries, Vince Baker, has revealed the mystery of the Ark of the Covenant on a YouTube video. In the video, he addresses the questions revolving around the lost Ark of the Covenant, providing answers as revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. He gave a detailed analysis of the mystery of finding the lost Ark of the Covenant and narrated how the anointing came upon him to receive the answers in a divine encounter he had with the Holy Spirit.

In the video, Vince highlighted that people never read of Jesus mentioning the Ark of the Covenant in the New Testament, and some of them seemed to have questions regarding the Ark of the Covenant. On a certain day, he needed to discover what happened to the Ark of the Covenant; hence he asked the Holy Spirit for answers. The Holy Spirit descended on him one night and opened his eyes to a vision of four men carrying the Ark up the altar of a large church. 

According to Vince, in the Holy Spirit’s response, he said, “Wherever you read Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament, think Holy Spirit. Wherever you read Holy Spirit in the New Testament, think Holy Spirit. Put the two together, and you will understand Me.” After this encounter with the Spirit of God, Vince wept for a whole week and studied the subjects intensely, as directed by the Holy Spirit

On studying, he got mind-boggling revelations about the Ark of Covenant. In the YouTube video, he gave a detailed description of the revelations he got and his entire experience. He also provided answers to fundamental questions, including who the temple of the Holy Spirit is, and who the Ark of the Covenant represents, among others.

“The video is worth every second spent under it. It promises to refresh you and open your minds to mysteries you never knew. Mystery of the Ark of the Covenant – “Where is the Ark of the Covenant found? Let’s figure out!” said Vince Baker, founder of Vince Baker Ministries.

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