QRTIGER officially introduces the newest digital menu software, MENU TIGER

May 03 14:29 2022
MENU TIGER is the newest interactive restaurant menu QR code software in the market, providing a digital menu and streamlined restaurant operations.

New York – QRTIGER, the most advanced QR code generator software, introduces MENU TIGER digital menu system, which seeks to empower the restaurant industry to transition smoothly from traditional to digital enterprising with an interactive restaurant menu QR code software.

“Our software serves as a user-friendly digital menu and restaurant website that incorporates QR menu technology,” stated Benjamin Claeys, CEO of QRTIGER, the digital market’s leading QR code generator. “The QR-code-powered digital menu is a versatile tool that supports operational efficiency, tailors the guest experience, and helps restaurants drive revenue, all in one platform.”

MENU TIGER is a menu system for restaurants that is affordable and elegant.

A 14-day free trial is available to interested customers, which allows them to generate up to 10 menu QR codes for dine-in ordering in a single store.

“MENU TIGER software also provides the most advanced features available in the digital restaurant industry. Restaurateurs can use it to create their online menu and website and customize the digital menu QR code,” Claeys noted.

Affordable digital menu platform

For $56 per month, interested businesses can sign up for the Regular plan. They can create up to 15 unique QR code menus per store and manage up to 15 outlets with this. Restaurants can also convert their online menus into multiple languages to accommodate multilingual customers.

Manages multiple branches in one account

MENU TIGER also enables restaurant owners to open many locations from a single account. The option to establish several outlets in one account allows the restaurant owner to manage and supervise the primary operations of each branch from a single platform. As a result, each store can have its administrator and users.

Claeys added, “The MENU TIGER software is a user-friendly interface that allows restaurant owners to establish their restaurant websites without coding or assistance from external software developers.”

MENU TIGER also offers a custom-built restaurant website, allowing users to construct and customize their website with just one piece of software. Restaurant operators can then use digital marketing to boost their internet visibility.

Offers convenience to customers with QR code menu

MENU TIGER lets restaurant customers scan a QR code menu to place orders and pay for their meals. Without additional staff, restaurants can instantly accept, and track orders shown on the self-managed panel.

The restaurant allows restaurant businesses to personalize and display their QR code instantly. Restaurants may use their logo, change the colors of the eyes and patterns, and add a catchy call-to-action to strengthen their brand identification.

MENU TIGER can also accept e-banking mobile payments using Stripe and PayPal, making it easier for restaurant customers.

Thus, MENU TIGER makes dining more pleasant and convenient, allowing for a more relaxed restaurateur-to-customer relationship. A digital menu with a unique QR code for each table can aid in welcoming a friendly and secure atmosphere for guests.

Provides upselling features and a commission-free ordering system

MENU TIGER is a free digital menu app that can handle an unlimited number of dine-in orders.

Furthermore, MENU TIGER also uses upselling features, including modifiers, featured food products, and recommended dishes, to assist restaurants in increasing their sales.

MENU TIGER strives to be a full-service provider of restaurant solutions. According to Claeys, the program intends to improve business operations by assuring smooth operations, increasing productivity with fewer employees, and encouraging usage reliability.

He continues, “We give the restaurant sector an easy-to-navigate online ordering page that lets each restaurant owner construct a digital menu utilizing the software and allow clients to explore the business website quickly.”

Restaurant owners can use MENU TIGER to provide customers with an interactive experience that shows them exactly what’s available at the restaurant’s physical location.

MENU TIGER offers a unique perspective on restaurant marketing strategy. Contact their customer service representatives for more information.


MENU TIGER is a digital menu provider that offers a cost-effective yet sophisticated restaurant menu system to boost restaurant or cafe operations.

It’s part of QRTIGER, a reliable QR code generating program utilized by a variety of brands around the world, including Hilton Hotels and Resorts, MoetHennessy, VAYNERMEDIA, CBS, and others.

MENU TIGER dedicates to fulfilling business needs while enabling digital transition and easy operability with competitive restaurant menu and order fulfillment system capabilities, to assist businesses in realizing their ambition of modernizing their operations.

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