In a bleak environment, discover the true meaning of surviving.

January 14 16:23 2022

Erica Tambo, a fifteen-year-old girl, finds herself both hopeful and depressed after her mother suddenly relocates her and her younger sister from a Seattle suburb to tiny Leavenworth, Wa.  This move results in a huge culture shock for Erica from which she struggles to recover. She wants to fit in and make friends but finds it difficult, especially considering their less than the optimal living situation.

Susan Johnson has written a fascinating and entertaining tale that transports the reader to another era. The novel is chock-full of references to 1980s events, making it a really immersive experience to read. Susan brilliantly portrays the reality of how life used to be before modern times. Her intricate and nostalgic reflection back to the early 1980s will transport you. Her protagonist’s plot is also well-developed and there are no omissions when it comes to character development.

The author is recognized for concluding her novels on a surprising note. In this scenario, the protagonist’s perseverance in the face of misfortune inspires readers to unearth their own reservoirs of strength in the face of overwhelming odds—even when it seems impossible at times. Erica’s perseverance and growth after losing everything, including herself, will inspire readers.

“Low Hanging Fruit” is an intriguing novel about how one individual navigates through life’s obstacles. With myriad emotions depicted on each page,  readers gain an understanding of what it means when things don’t go your way, but you still manage to persevere. A poignant read with a surprise ending, it will leave readers wanting more!

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