Cutting through red tape – 2-Dutch offers an endless supply of electronic dance music for digital fitness content by easing the licensing process.

January 12 17:27 2022
Fitness content requires high energy electronic dance music, which is why 2Dutch has stepped up to provide music for online fitness brands.

The demand for high-quality fitness content is at an all-time high as many people are jumping into the ongoing digital fitness movement that was heightened by the global pandemic. Content creators require good music for videos that prompt people to put their best foot forward when it comes to exercising. Today, many people have a workout playlist that 2Dutch has found mostly consists of dance music. This is why they stepped into the space to provide electronic music for fitness by making it easy for brands to buy licensed music. 2Dutch primarily provides music for online content for brands.

With the increased demand for digital content, music is needed for home-workouts, brand campaigns, and ads. Still, many brands find it challenging to use music online, especially due to music licensing – a complicated process that can be difficult, expensive and outright time consuming. 2Dutch is a platform that helps people access electronic music with ease for their interactive media. They also help brands curate music based on their needs and provides creative support throughout the process. This helps cut down on time spent looking for the right songs and cuts through the red tape on multiple rightsholders.

Fitness brands also struggle with finding the right song for a particular workout. They need to keep creating new enticing content for their customers and it is easy for both ideas and music for use to run out very quickly. Fitness content creators therefore need a lot of music for their online content and if the right music synchronization does not accompany a workout routine, it greatly undermines a brand’s success. Rushing to get stock music has become the norm, but people want to work out to their favorite and most popular songs. After identifying these issues, 2Dutch established itself as a reliable partner for music for brands.

With their catalog of 1600+ electronic songs, which new music is added to every week, 2Dutch is confident about providing the right music, suitable for every type of digital fitness content. Their extensive experience in the field also gives them an advantage as they know all the tips and tricks to licensing music easily. 2Dutch also invests in meaningful collaborations with music companies and artists.

Working with 2Dutch guarantees results in the shortest time possible. As a one-stop music platform, clients can give their projects that extra pop that EDM injects into them. Their extensive experience also gives them an edge that enables them to offer the best creative support for their clients.

“We believe using professional music in online media should not be difficult. Speed, convenience, and personal service are of paramount importance to us! We specialize in electronic music with an energetic touch, and we will always work towards the best possible match to your request.”

About 2Dutch

2Dutch is an independent music company where creativity and music production is as vital as sound business guidance. It was founded by Marcel Scheffers and Wouter Janssen in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, 2007. The company operates as a record label, artist management company, and publisher that focuses on talent in the electronic music scene.

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