Floriem Reveals A Clinical Serum Featuring A 9-Year-Old Tea Extract

January 11 04:50 2022

Chinese luxury clean beauty brand Floriem launches ‘Revelation Facial Oil’, an all-natural beauty serum featuring a proprietary extraction of tea polyphenols from 9-year-old black Tibetan tea. Developed in collaboration with Quvo Lab in Singapore, this is the world’s first topical product to contain a polyphenol-rich extract from black tea grown in the Ya‘an region of Sichuan in China. 

Tibetan black tea has an illustrious history spanning over a thousand years and was an important commodity for the silk road trade. Freshly plucked tea leaves are carefully treated according to a 400-year-old technique and then left to ferment for years. Like vintage wine, the value and rarity of Tibetan tea increase with age. During fermentation, oxidized polyphenolic compounds like theaflavins and thearubigins are formed. These antioxidants are found to exhibit various anti-aging mechanisms when used directly on the skin. 

The scientific team at Quvo Lab used a low temperature, time-dependent method to gently capture these polyphenols without affecting the integrity of the extract. This extract, named Zangcha9T, is then infused into a blend of natural plant oils like radish seed extract, abyssinian and squalane, with phytoactive bisabolol and magnolia bark to form a preservative-free, waterless serum. The key ingredients are sourced globally from sustainable growers and are cruelty-free. 

Revelation Facial Oil is clinically proven to reduce skin redness and irritation while retaining skin hydration and improving skin texture. The synergy of the ingredients in this product have shown encouraging results in both in-vitro and in-vivo studies. While most natural facial oils feel heavy on the skin, the formulation team at Floriem has gone through over a hundred combinations of fixed oils to create a true oil serum that is featherlight in texture, non-greasy and fast absorbing. 

Floriem joins the new generation of C-beauty brands focusing on the global market rather than just the domestic market. This means understanding global beauty trends and the needs of consumers. The ethos of the brand is to celebrate native Chinese botanicals in a scientific and validated manner in formulas that are clean label and natural. 

“There has been a shift in the awareness of clean beauty in China and the demand is rising for synthetic-free skin care but with efficacy supported by clinically proven claims. As most products in China are developed by third-party contract manufacturers, brands lack the resources and know-how to develop proprietary technologies. Thanks to our collaboration with Quvo Lab, we are able to bring research and development in-house and the result of this is Zangcha9T.” – Eden Zhang, CEO of Floriem. 

Floriem Revelation Facial Oil 30ml retails for US$79 and is available from www.floriembeaute.com, Amazon, Lazada and Tmall. 

About Floriem 

Floriem is the first Singapore-China collaborative luxury clean beauty brand focusing on high sensorial skin care with clinically proven efficacies. Behind the development is a team of global scientists with decades of experience in phytochemistry and cosmetic development. Floriem taps into the generosity of nature with engineered formulations to create scientifically advanced phytocosmetics. 

For more information, please contact Sabrina Shiraz at [email protected]. 

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