Play with Crypto Uses the IDO To Make Purchasing PWC In Exchange For BNB Simple

January 11 03:52 2022
Play With Crypto is all set to provide its users a platform to make more earnings by playing an online farming game. Users will be required to buy PWC from IDO to start farming.

The play-to-earn gaming model has completely transformed the online gaming landscape. With the usage of blockchain technology, gaming is no longer just about wasting time in front of a digital gadget while playing a fun game. In truth, it’s a legitimate business model in which people play to make money.

A respected firm named Play with Crypto has developed a similar platform. The gaming platform has only one goal: to provide customers with a complete experience in which they know they will be able to earn money by playing. With this goal in mind, the crypto-based gaming sector will expand significantly, allowing many more gamers to benefit in the end.

The game is centered on a farming theme, and each player must purchase a farm. Every farmer (user) in that farm will plant a tree, but each will cost 100 PWC. A tree will bear three apples per day, each of which will be worth one token. Users will, however, need to water a tree for it to continue to grow.

Play With Crypto continues to add new features to its platform to make users’ lives easier. One of the most recent additions is the payment mechanism. The platform has made acquiring a token very simple and accessible based on the Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Users will require a farm to begin farming. To purchase PWC tokens and start farming, potential users can visit the website.

Using the contact address 0xAa037CfBA3E786738444D82f5492fbb966F75b28, users will pay 0.002 BND per 1 PWC. Once users have 100 PWC, they can purchase a farm and start farming. Users can watch this video to understand how the purchasing of PWC on IDO can be done.

Play With Crypto is an online gaming platform that allows players to earn money by playing an online farming game. Furthermore, the platform aspires to be the first token to launch a mining operation and reflect the revenue to progressively raise the floor price by taking a cut of transaction fees to invest in mining rigs through play-to-earn.

For more information, users can visit the official website. They can also subscribe to PWC’s Telegram channel to receive updates on new features and announcements.

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